Who Are We? Why Another Research Collective?

Who are the victim survivors and heroes? Which Life ways and livelihoods are when a home is demolished, deserted or destroyed by a disaster? What does a climate change sound like for a subsistence farmer in Nepal high hills? How to rescue and reintegrate a trafficked woman from Indian brothels? How is the immigrant lives in the Northern America? Who are responsible genocides? These are only a few questions among the many that needs to be answered.

To find answers to these questions, research collective(s) could be a powerful tool as no one discipline has all the tools to answer these wicked and complex questions that our global community is today increasing grappling with.

In order to inform, share and advocate for human rights and justice, as social science interdisciplinary researchers from Canada and Asia, we play a crucial role in finding innovative, evidence based answers to global disaster and epidemic research, debate, decisions and actions.

How Do We Achieve These Goals?

Canada Asia Research Collective aims to facilitate knowledge production and sharing, build reciprocal relationships among and between social sciences, humanities, health and development studies researchers and those in a position to either co-create or use research knowledge.

We partner with other social sciences research networks across the globe and share research tools, expertise and skills designed to facilitate scholarly work and policy advocacy.

Supported by self and institutional resources, the collective is dynamic and aims to build sustainable, pro-active social sciences collective to actively engage in disasters, epidemics, climate justice, migration and displacements areas of research and discourses.

How Do I Join This Collective?

As an interdisciplinary research and action collective, we aim to promote synergy through collaborative efforts amongst researchers, field workers, social, health and development professionals, students, teachers, advocates, policymakers and others working on health, disaster and other developmental issues globally.

We invite you to join our efforts. To join as a consortium member please write to us with your interests: bnikku@tru.ca

We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

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